S01E06 – Mixed Grill 3 – Warwick Mihaly In Detail

In this episode, we put Warwick Mihaly on the rotisserie until he's crispy and golden on all sides.   In Detail is hosted by Warwick Mihaly, Kate FitzGerald and Mick Moloney Find us: Twitter: @indetailshow Email:
  1. S01E06 – Mixed Grill 3 – Warwick Mihaly
  2. S01E05 – Mixed Grill 2 – Kate FitzGerald
  3. S01E04 – Mixed Grill 1 – Mick Moloney
  4. S01E03 – Writing the Perfect Fee Proposal (Part 2)
  5. S01E02 – Writing the Perfect Fee Proposal (Part 1)

In Detail is a new podcast that takes you behind the scenes of creative business.

Hosted by three architects, Mick Moloney, Kate Fitzgerald and Warwick Mihaly, we’re going to tackle the awkward questions, open up on our own experiences, and bring you the business insights that we wish we had when we were starting out.

We want to hear from you too. If you’ve got a pressing question that you’ve always wanted to ask, then get in touch. We need your help to lift the cone of silence around these topics and reveal what it’s really like to run a creative business.

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Season 1 launches on 4 November 2020, we’re looking forward to talking to you soon.

By Warwick Mihaly

I am an architect, writer, teacher and father.