S02E12 – Epilogue In Detail

Fire up your retrospectoscopes as we look back at our favourite stuff from Season 2 and jump into questions and comments from our listeners. In Detail is hosted by Warwick Mihaly, Kate FitzGerald and Mick Moloney  Find us:  Twitter: @indetailshow  Mail:  Big thanks to our sponsors Architeam and Streamtime
  1. S02E12 – Epilogue
  2. S02E11 – The Mundane, the Creative, the Sensitive and the Strategic
  3. S02E10 – Karen Alcock learnings
  4. S02E09 – Interview with Karen Alcock
  5. S02E08 – Heroes & Villains – Part 4

By Warwick Mihaly

I am an architect, writer, teacher and father.