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Episode 01.03

S02E02 – Wait, what did we learn? In Detail

In this episode Kate, Warwick and Mick sift through the wreckage of their interview with Milieu Property director, Mike McCormack. Will they find any nuggets of creative business gold?   In Detail is hosted by Warwick Mihaly, Kate FitzGerald and Mick Moloney Find us: Twitter: @indetailshow Email: Big thanks to our sponsors Architeam and Streamtime
  1. S02E02 – Wait, what did we learn?
  2. S02E01 – Interview – Michael McCormack
  3. S01E08 – Epilogue
  4. S01E07 – Business Plans, Low Fees, Budget Blues
  5. S01E06 – Mixed Grill 3 – Warwick Mihaly

In Episode 03 of In Detail, we share the second half of a conversation about the perfect fee proposal. What should you put in it and what should you leave out? Should you use a template or write one yourself? How can you piggy-back on our hard-earned experience to reduce your risks, increase your income and protect your bacon?

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Hosted by: Mick Moloney, Kate Fitzgerald, Warwick Mihaly
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By Warwick Mihaly

I am an architect, writer, teacher and father.