Episodes Season 2

Episode 02.07

We’ve seen the awesome exploits, powerful narratives and dramatic explosions of heroes and villains play out on the big screen, but what about the heroes and villains in our own lives and work?

Episode 07 of Season 02 of In Detail is the third of a four-part deep dive into the clients of architecture studios and the types of heroes and villains they represent. We explore their impact, best management strategies and our own tendency for heroic and villainous acts.

In this episode:

  • The DIY draftie
  • The sixth sense client
  • The Scooby Doo villain
  • The blame thrower
  • The Voldemort

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Hosted by: Mick Moloney, Kate Fitzgerald, Warwick Mihaly
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By Warwick Mihaly

I am an architect, writer, teacher and father.