“A friend put me onto In Detail and I’ve learned so much from the three of you! Thank you so much for taking the time out to create the podcast. So many will benefit from your discussions, and you still manage to have a laugh!”
Louise Booth, Brisbane, January 2022

“Hey just wanted to say, fuck In Detail is amazing! A mate mentioned it to me last week and I smashed season one in about three days.”
Brad Wetherall, Brookton, January 2022

“Thank you for the you-are-not-alone podcast. You have certainly succeeded in making me feel that way! As an emerging sole practicing architect balancing parenthood, you have made a massive positive impact on me. I am so grateful to have this resource.”
Matilda Brealey, Carbunup River, December 2021

“I just want to say how much I love your podcast! I only discovered it two weeks ago and have already listed to both series twice! As a sole practitioner just starting, I find all the content so incredibly helpful and informative. Also, your dynamic is hilarious! I can’t wait until the next series.”
Barbara Busina, Lake Macquarie, December 2021

In Detail is a fave of mine. Love your work Mick, Warwick and Kate.”
Talina Edwards, Ballarat, December 2021

“I am laughing to tears during most episodes. The perfect partners for my long walks.”
Laura Litcanu, Melbourne, December 2021

“I’ve learned so much from listening to In Detail. My practice manager is getting tired of, ‘On the podcast they said…'”
Rachel McGlashen, Melbourne, December 2021

“I’m enjoying the podcast, great job.”
Nathanael Preston, Melbourne, December 2021

“My favourite architecture podcast by far! Local, candid and well-qualified, it’s so easy to listen to episode after episode because it feels like I’m among friends.”
John Lowe, Melbourne, December 2021

“Had a listen after a few recommendations and enjoyed the discussions very much.”
Phillip Arnold, Sydney, November 2021

“Listening to your podcast, it’s so good.”
Sonja Danilovic, Perth, November 2021

“I have been binging your podcast, so bloody good. I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I’m enjoying the conversations. I don’t know how you find time but keep it up!”
Sally-Ann Weerts, Perth, November 2021

“I wanted to reach out and congratulate you on the podcast. I love it, it feels like the offspring of a design conference and My Dad Wrote a Porno.”
Gab Aghion, Melbourne, October 2021

“I recently discovered your podcast and have spent the last couple of days listening to you cover serious but very enlightening topics. I love the banter between you three architects. Lovely relationships!”
Darren Miller, Perth, October 2021

“I love your podcast!”
Julius Kornides, Melbourne, October 2021

“It feels like I’m listening in on a meandering conversation with friends. There are little nuggets of gold in every episode.”
Sarah Lebner, Canberra, October 2021

“It really is great stuff!”
Ray Din, Melbourne, October 2021

“I have to give a big shout out to Kate, Mick and Warwick for the incredible podcast they have put together. It is so refreshing to hear them talk openly about their businesses, warts and all. It is informative, thought provoking and inspirational.”
Edward Rosier, Sydney, October 2021

“What a great episode. I enjoy them all, but this one inspires a high five from me. Dense with interesting ideas about jam, decision making, the client experience and the ridiculousness of the email inbox.”
Fran Hale, Melbourne, September 2021

“I enjoy looking forward to each new In Detail episode, which I listen to on hump night while doing the dishes.”
Michael McManus, Melbourne, September 2021

“Thank you so much for this awesome and honest podcast! Being a sole practitioner, I feel a lot less lonely on my journey and so much better equipped to make positive changes.”
Adele McNab, Sydney, September 2021

“Yay! The launch of season two is perfect timing for me, because I’ve run out of good podcasts.”
Kate Vernon, Melbourne, September 2021

“Season one was just what I needed, I’m the exact demographic you’re trying to help. Thank you!”
Cody Rathbun, Spokane, September 2021

“Well done Kate, Warwick and Mick for creating the podcast Australian architects should have had years ago! Having listened to so many international archi biz podcasts over the years, it’s great to have a home grown one that can tackle some national challenges as well as those that seem perennially international. Here’s to many more seasons.”
Brooke Aitkin, Sydney, August 2021

“Finally listening to your podcast series, for content you’re in a league of your own! Seriously, I don’t know of an equivalent.”
Tim Horton, Sydney, June 2021

“Thanks for this great podcast. Definitely great to hear other people’s experiences, learn that there are some pretty universal challenges, and get inspired to aim higher for myself in the business and craft of what we do.”
Rebecca Caldwell, Brisbane, January 2021

“Listening to In Detail tonight while folding washing and making lunches. Love it, good work!”
Rebecca Caldwell, Brisbane, December 2020

“Wrap your ears around this.”
David Kidston, Newcastle, November 2020

“Fantastic show, get it in your ears!”
Michael Lewarne, Sydney, November 2020

“Love this!”
Jake Taylor, Melbourne, November 2020

“I can’t wait to listen.”
Tatjana Plitt, Melbourne, November 2020

“Could this be the podcast I’ve been waiting for?”
Kathy Ismail-Ryan, Melbourne, November 2020